Rocky Start to Say the Least

My marriage should have never happened. But I’m not always good at following my gut. Or listening to the little voice in my head. I follow what I thought was logic and reason, and at the time, all logic was telling me that this man was the best I could/would do and I should get it while I had a chance.

Awful start, I know. Stupid reason for getting married, I’m well aware. But people do dumb things sometimes, and trust me I’m dealing with the consequences now, and I will be for the rest of my life. Not everything that came from that relationship was terrible. I got to travel the world, which is an experience I will always cherish and value. Most importantly though, I was blessed with my two children. They give me life. No it’s never easy being a single mom, but my kids make it worth it. When they smile so big that their eyes squint tight… that’s my joy. I can honestly say that my kids make me happy. Of course they are tons of work and wearing on me daily but they spark joy in me. A joy that had been lost for too long.

When I met E, I was in a man fog. I was literally hosting one night stands with every half decently attractive guy I met online. Probably on average about 3 different guys a week. I wasn’t looking for a husband, I was looking for companionship. When one of the guys would call me back after I wouldn’t answer. I had gotten what I needed for the time being from them and was moving on. I didn’t need to go through the fake motions of politeness, because frankly I didn’t care.  I was a bitch, I know.  But then I met E and invited him over. He was so shy he brought a friend, which I thought was so endearing.  We talked and actually got along and his friend just kinda chilled there for moral support or something.  As the night moved along I totally made a move, since I invited him over for one reason… friend or not. We did our deed and it was all good, but then I specifically remember when E went to the washroom his friend came to the bed and I was like hell no and called out for E. He came and took the guy out, and in that moment I thought maybe this guy had potential. So when he called me the next day, I threw caution to the wind and answered. Way out of character for me but in the moment it felt ok.

So I guess that’s when we started our pathetic “courtship” or whatever you want to call it. We started dating. I knew after about 2 maybe 3 months that this was more effort and work then it should be. I knew that I probably deserved better. Someone who would call me. Someone I could talk to. I deserved someone who could hold a conversation. But I didn’t realize at the time the mess I was getting involved in.

E was very good at lying. Not because he was a manipulator per say, but more because he didn’t realize it.  And my life became a juggling act. Trying to put out fires that his actions caused. Patch up relationships his words damaged. Explain situations that I didn’t completely understand.

You see at the time, I didn’t know, because E himself didn’t know, that he is a paranoid schizophrenic. So he literally spent more time listening to the voices in his head then to me. It wasn’t as bad in the start. But after we got married, I noticed a definite downturn. And it was difficult. Something I could explain until I’m blue in the face, but unless you’ve lived through it you can’t fully understand.

E wanted to go to school, and as his wife I wanted to support him in whatever he wanted to do. So we spent thousands of dollars on courses that he never finished because he kept changing his mind. He told me after we were married that he had another kid. So I’m already his wife and now I’m a step-mom? Ok, I guess I just have to go with it. Now we’re sending money back to his ex for the daughter that I told him he had to support. Next his dad was sick, and thousands more were sent overseas to support his family. All this money I later found out was for imaginary illnesses and was used to build beautiful houses for my in-laws. While I was working my butt off and pregnant and we were barely making it here… I was not happy.  Then I found out he wasn’t even the age he told me he was initially. Like who lies about that? Everything that I thought I knew about him was a lie. Everything I had told to my family and friends about him was wrong. So I have to go back and somehow explain that, no, I in fact know nothing about my husband. It was embarrassing and degrading to say that I married a man I thought I knew but in reality I have no clue as to who he is.

But I’m doing my best to deal with forgiveness. And I want to make this “marriage” work. I’m trying to be supportive. I’m trying to help him and his family with whatever I can. I’m trying to move past the lies and drug use. I made a commitment with vows that I took seriously. Despite all this junk, I was really trying hard, too hard some people told me, to make it last.

But then one January something happened that I couldn’t move past. Something that no one should move past. I decided that I was worth more. I finally realized that for the last few years I’d been dealing with this man, but my kids deserved everything better than this life we were in.


4 thoughts on “Rocky Start to Say the Least”

  1. Been there. Too many times. I’m so sorry. But you have courage, and I applaud you for getting to a good place in your life. It’s a journey which takes a long time, and even when we think we’re at our destination we realize there’s a detour. Hang in there. I’m praying for you. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you find it helpful.


  2. I don’t know what to say. You are strong. Beautifully strong. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to come to know that the person you married thinking that he was THE one turned out to be someone completely different. You deserve worlds for going through this. And whatever happens, you will forever know you can deal with anything and everything that life throws at you. You are THAT strong. Someday in the future you will be smiling while yku remember this and be thankful for this, however bad the situation is, cause you will yourself know you are a warrior.

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  3. Aww I’m sorry this happened to you πŸ’. Yep, I can relate, in my own way, about not listening to that little voice inside my head. It always comes back to bite, doesn’t it? Please try not to beat yourself up, luv πŸ’–. It happens to the best of us. It means you’re human too πŸ’ž

    The Who Loves Kitty Blog writer/Laina 🌟🌟


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