Do You Like the Taste, Stuff it in Your Face, It’s Not Nice to Waste.

Tuna Casserole is THEEE most disgusting meal known to mankind. I've eaten a lot of "different" foods in my life, but still to this day I have a huge hatred towards tuna casserole... or what was passed off as casserole while I was living in Namibia. Since the orphanage operated off donations and volunteers, funds… Continue reading Do You Like the Taste, Stuff it in Your Face, It’s Not Nice to Waste.

Bitch Better Have My Money, Pay Me What You Owe Me

$36,408.00 That's how much E currently owes me in back pay for child support. I've been trying to sort this thing out with my lawyer for what feels like forever now, and I feel like (hopefully) we're nearing the finish line with this whole divorce. To be honest, it could've been much worse than how… Continue reading Bitch Better Have My Money, Pay Me What You Owe Me

I’ll Choose to Survive, Whatever it Takes 

Yesterday I took my kids to the zoo, where I got my first mosquito bite of the year. I'm sure no one's a fan of mosquitoes, but I have a particular hatred towards them. When I lived in Kenya they took an extreme liking to me. I could stand in a group  of people, didn't… Continue reading I’ll Choose to Survive, Whatever it Takes 

Nobody Said It Was Easy. No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard

I'd like to say that once I got back to Canada things got better fast. But that would be a complete lie. It was hard. There were so many stressful factors I didn't even consider when thinking the whole "leave E" thing through. My parents let us stay with them for which I am so… Continue reading Nobody Said It Was Easy. No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

So today I was back at the airport for the first time since flying back from Kenya 3 years ago. I felt like a deja vu kinda thing happening. I had to head out there for work to meet some of the guys we'd recruited for work and it was just a causal meet and… Continue reading We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Tell the World I’m Coming… Home

I booked flights for about 10 days out. They were the right combination of cheapest and nearest in date. Well they weren't cheap, but I just wanted out of there ASAP. Then, after I booked the flights and paid, I sent an email to my mom letting her know our itinerary and just an update… Continue reading Tell the World I’m Coming… Home

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

I spent the next couple of days in what can only be described as a fog. I was there. I was alive. But I was definitely not thinking clearly. Everything was blurry. Fuzzy. I couldn't concentrate on any of the mundane day to day things that needed to be done. The kids needed to be… Continue reading Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

The Cat Came Back

The drive away from my home and my life was quiet. I was doing my best to stay calm. I had my kids to worry about, and I didn't want them to sense anything was more wrong then what was blatantly obvious... Daddy had just beat up mommy, and had packed up our things and kicked… Continue reading The Cat Came Back

Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling 

It was actually bright and sunny. But rain would've been an simpler reason to explain to my 3 year old son why Daddy had changed our plans for the day.  It was Sunday morning, Jan 2014, and the night before E and I had decided we would take the kids into town to go swimming… Continue reading Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling